Calendar 2023


As summer nears, the tree of life sheds her leaves. A thousand flowers bloom in the enchanted forest as flycatchers search for first light and leopards lounge in the ephemeral canopy. A new world shines upon us as the sun summons giants to water from afar, led by those long in the tooth. The mighty tiger burns bright, his summer coat now ablaze and the forest burns bare as the panther searches for some shade. Fear not, for the monsoon is near, a time of spiritual cleansing where water paves the way for new life. The forest is quiet now, listen carefully and you can hear her soul. The first dawn after the rains brings a glimmer of shine. A ray of hope before the approaching winter, to remind us all that ‘this too shall pass’. And as the shadows grow, the monsoons tangled foliage is slowly carved apart by the winter winds. Bare trees loom, darkness lives and the night shall walk. But not for long, for it is always darkest just before dawn.


INR 4500
(Exclusive of shipping & taxes)
This calendar, in partnership with The Backwater Sanctuary, is a fundraiser. All proceeds will go towards our trust, Buffer Conflict Resolution Trust of India, for animal rescue and the welfare of local people.

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